Monday, January 9th

1. It is gorgeous out today. The high says 50 degrees. It's sunny and not windy and perfect.
2. Jasmine came to get the rest of her stuff today. Sad but good. We made tentative plans to be gym buddies again!
3. I walked down to our 'strip mall.' I put it in quotes because I'm not sure that it actually qualifies as a mall, but it does have a Big Lots. I found Ralph some cute, though not manly, food bowls and a new, more manly collar. 
4. I ordered my school books today from Amazon. They are so touchy about their payment options. I have an Amazon Store Card because I don't usually have a couple hundred bucks on hand to drop on textbooks. However, because my debit card is on file, I have to manually tell it to charge to my store card instead. And today I forgot. So I looked like a goober at the Big Lots checkout when my card was declined for a $20 purchase. Boo. But it's all straightened out now. No worries.
5. As I was walking in the sunshine, I had a thought. Not sure if it's happy or vengeful or simply is, but here goes: She will never be my problem again, but I am her problem for the foreseeable future. She gets to be the jealous one, the crazy one, the one who doesn't understand "why he still reads her blog" and "wants to talk to her occasionally," or "why he still loves her." Fortunately for her, I never want to talk to him again so that one shouldn't be an issue, but you get the idea. I am so free from all of his drama. *sigh* That's a nice feeling.
6. I submitted my first two assignments of the semester. Night classes start Wednesday and Thursday this week for me, but I have an online class as well. Those always kind of freak me out because of the personal accountability aspect. Maybe I'll see if my prof can text me each day to make sure I'm staying on track. She wouldn't mind, right? 
7. I made shrimp pasta today! With garlic Parmesan sauce, creamed corn, and garlic potatoes. So, my breath wreaks but my tummy is uber satisfied.

Wow. I didn't realize how productive today has been until just now.
I still have some laundry to do. And the dishes from lunch. And there are stacks of giveaway stuff scattered around the apartment, but overall I would call it a success.

I got a letter today from my beautiful Mama Cass. She sent me her Parisian travel guides. I kind of love her a lot. 
Her French to-do list:
Eiffel Tower (duh), but if you go at night, it does a sparkly light show on the hour every hour - so pretty!
The Montmarte area. My fave was the Sacre Coure Cathedral - amazing - and if you have your back to the church, you get the most incredible view of the city. Side note: Moulin Rouge and the Parisian sex district are also in Montmarte.
Top of the Arc de Triomphe - another amazing view.
Catacombs - so cool! I went there by myself, and it was the scariest sh*t ever, but awesome nonetheless.
Go for a walk on the Seine River and people-watch. There's a little island near Notre Dame that sometimes has street performers.
Eat at least one crepe from a street vendor.
Eat any candy made by the Kinder Company. I think they have them all over Europe. It is soooo good. I could make love to Kinder Chocolates if physically possible. I'm 99% sure they gave me my first orgasm.
Try to take the Metro at least once. Super easy to use, and definitely a cultural experience. 

I'm pretty excited to get back to the museum tomorrow. It's our annual cleaning week, so no one gets to come for a tour. We get to wear jeans and take our time and touch everything! I mean... We get to clean and dust and polish everything. 

Okay, long post. Back to the grind.
And by that I mean start the laundry and finish The Time Traveler's Wife. It is so tough being me sometimes. :)

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