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When I pulled in the driveway yesterday, my uncle (from Missouri) was standing by his car, and as soon as I opened my door, he said, "You just missed all the excitement. That little boy from up the road drowned today. He's 6."
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Last I heard, he's still alive. He spent an hour underwater in a frozen pond, and he's still alive. Barely.
It doesn't even seem right to blog about it. Like it cheapens it somehow.
Never mind the mental images of being the family, watching anxiously as rescuers find his one little boot at the edge of the pond, and see one little hole in the ice, and then search for an hour, before finally pulling his blue, tiny, lifeless body from the water. It's sickening. I'm sorry for that. 
They are neighbors, specifically to my aunt and little cousins. The kids all wait for the bus together, and he's in Katie's class at school, and he's her partner for some of the class exercises they do. She's 5. Try explaining why to her why her partner probably won't be at school tomorrow, or maybe never again. And then remember that anything you might be thinking or feeling is a small, small fraction of what that family is going through.
"I didn't see it! It's not real!" she kept saying emphatically.

When I asked her what was on her mind today, she told me she had a dream last night... "about a princess. Rapunzel. And there was a castle and flying unicorns," she said.
"Flying unicorns?! Cool. What color were they?"
"Hmm. Well, all colors. All the colors of the rainbow."
"That's neat. And you said they were flying. Did they have wings or did they just fly like reindeer?"
"Wings?! No," she said like that was the silliest thing she ever heard. "Wings on a horse? No. No. They didn't have wings. That'd be like a ... a bug horse," she giggled.
And then she asked if we could just snuggle some more. 

It hit me as I was driving home. What if she was gone? They are about the same age. Accidents happen all the time. What if any one of my people were to disappear from my life for good? It's not that death is fiction to me, but it's not something I've had to deal with in a real, personal way. And it's inevitable that at some point, it will happen, assuming I'm not the first to go.
And the thought of that poor mom, about the last conversation she [may have] had with her son. She was probably scolding him or telling him to get out from under her feet or simply ignoring him, or maybe she gave him hugs and kisses.... I don't know. Life always seems to give us the illusion of more time, more chances, more conversations, more tomorrows.
Consciously embracing the time we have with those we love seems like a better idea.

Anyway, he's still alive. Miraculously, I think anyone would have to agree. With the hypothermia, the drowning, the hour submerged, the unconsciousness - he still might live. Wow.

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