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Today was the first cleaning day of the year at the museum!
This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. No visitors get to come inside. We wear jeans and take our time and enjoy each other, all while spiffing the place up for another year of tours and learning. 
I mentioned to my boss that I'm hoping to move in December when my lease is up and my degree is done. His eyes went far away for a moment. 
"That means you're here for... what? 10 more months? I'm going to miss you."
I'm going to miss this place and these people too. So glad I know I've got a year to enjoy them. I shouldn't take one bit of it for granted with that in mind.

I documented a few of my favorite [museum] things.

Mr. Riley's Bookcase

Orchid in the Breakfast Room

Library Lamp

The Bathtub 
(one of the first indoor restrooms in the city!)

Drawing Room Lamp

Counterbalance Light in the Foyer

Stereopticon :)

Coolest decorative hinges ever.

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