Let's Try This Again

Okay, yesterday was rough.
I laid somethings to their final resting place. It hurt like hell.
But it's done.
I also got called out yesterday (I think). You know the expression, "The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off?" well... It's true. And I was ticked. And exhausted. And my heart is a little bitter and broken.
I might still be a little irritated today, but I'm also feeling freer today.
Those people have nothing to do with my life anymore.
I never, ever have to care how they spend another second of their time.

That being said, after the purging, Chelsey came over. She was all, "I have a speech for you. I'm going to try not to cry." 
Well, there I was, tears already streaking down my face. I protested.
"No. No," she said. "Cry in a good way."
She presented me with my (early) birthday present. 
She made me a travel coffee mug. It has pictures of passports, quotes about belief, hope, and love, and it's to-go. It is a perfect symbol of the things that are necessary in my life right this minute.
She also delivered a very lovely speech. And of course we both cried. 

And then she forced me to make good on our Chumley's $2 beer refills. This is a big deal. You pay $6 for this mug -a chalice, really- and then you can refill it every Monday and Thursday for $2. So we got there and IU was playing Michigan and it was in-tents. But WE (and by we, I literally mean I was out on the court shooting free throws and blocking shots and dunking balls. yes. I do.) So, anyway WE won!

$2 of beer at Chumley's
And I told the most B.A. joke of my life.
I'm not even kidding.
And yes, I have to brag about it. Wait til you hear it. You'll understand.

Him: Good point.

Me: Told ya I'm a smart cookie.
Him: Haha. Yes, and we all know cookies are the most intelligent of all baked goods.
Me: It goes without saying. Bran muffins, on the other hand, are quite dull.
Him: So I hear. Don't get me started on eclairs. So pretentious.
Me: Indeed. I hope they get they're just desserts.
Him: Boom! That's amazing!!!!

A glowing moment of triumph if I ever had one. :)

Then, I sat down by myself for a moment to have a drink of water while Chelsey and Amy went to do birthday shots at the bar. It was roughly 12:02 am. Happy Birthday Amy!

And a boy who had been playing pool sat down next to me. It was fun, easy, no-expectations, not-trying-to-get-in-your-pants style flirting. Amy came back and sat down. I went to the bathroom. When we were on the way home she said, "So that guy in flannel that you were talking to? When you got up to go to the restroom he said, 'I think I'm falling in love with your friend.'" Tell me that's not one of the sweetest things you've heard in a while...

This morning, I woke up with a clearer mind (read: sober) and got to thinking. Anger and resentment and refusing to let go don't hurt anyone but me. Call me crazy, but I'm not a huge fan of hurting myself.
So I actively set out to enjoy this day. 
1. I saw a man in a leather jacket on the way to work. The suede kind, with foot-long fringe hanging all down the sleeves and the back. He was rocking it. I had to give him props for doing his own thing. It's not quite the fashion in the Midwest these days. He was totally rocking it. You go, dude.
2. My mug. :)
3. The lady in the cube across from mine has an 85 year old mother-in-law... who's still got it. She's dating a man about 15 years her junior. Recently, she had a medical issue, and was ticked when they made her go to the hospital because she had to miss her date. I guess you had to hear the story to appreciate the hilarity that ensued in its telling.
4. Our receptionist is just the sweetest lady. She is my (and everyone's) biggest fan. If you have a a plan, a dream, or a goal, she is behind you 100%. She's kind and sweet and caring and quirky and... I could go on and on. She makes me feel pretty great about life right now. So I thank her, in blog form.
5. Tonight, we celebrate Amy. It's her 22nd birthday! Such a youngin'. Pics, pics, pics to follow! And we've already begun plotting our Denver itinerary. Thank heavens for tax refund checks and intelligent, determined women. 

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