Last night, I had a terrible dream. And then I heard gangstas fighting outside my window at like 2am, talking about "reaching" and weapons and beating women. It was terrible. I was certain I would die from stray bullets. I'm fairly certain I don't live in the ghetto, but my neighbors are starting to worry me.
Work was sooooo long. And then class.
And I just hated life today. It was raining and I was sad and it was... gross.
And then....
Well, then I saw Emily and she was so proud of me. 
And my roommate sent me pictures of my cat searching for treasure in our toilet.
And we're watching the Hangover 2 and I get to sleep soon (which is tied with sex and food for my favorite thing). 
I looked up a few jobs today and it looks like I could literally move anywhere in the country (or even out of it!) if I choose. That's exciting....

So, yes. 
For a few moments each day (a few more today, actually), I get a little sad. And feel silly and fooled and desperate.
But for most parts of the day, I'm surrounded by stunning people who just want what's best for me, who want to build me up and accept my flaws and help me reach my goals. People who actually love me, and not the ideals that I represent[ed].
People who are more than happy to express how very "enough" I am, and that I'm a dweeb for thinking anything less or wanting anyone who would think so.
That's pretty incredible.

Class again tomorrow night.
Hockey game on Friday! Woo!
And then the museum opens for tours again on Saturday.
That's what's neat about life.
It just keeps going, whether I like it or want it or enjoy it or not. 

Thanks, Life. 
I owe you one.

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