la pasión


However you say it... Whatever it means... 
Life is meaningless without it.
Sometimes, being passionate causes you to say really impactful things. Or silly things. Or wonderful things. Or mean things.
Living passionately means you car-dance all the way to work, warbling at the top of your lungs, and catching the smiling eyes of passersby who will share watercooler talk about the crazy girl car-dancing on Fall Creek this morning.
Loving passionately involves your whole self. Your heart, mind, body, and soul. 
But when it comes time to get over it, well... You can't help but throw all of you into that as well.
Sometimes, being passionate can cause you to overreact or be too sensitive or push too hard or want too much. These are not things to apologize for, but rather to learn from and find the best way to handle that situation in the future.
I think just about anything else is forgivable, but to live a life without passion? That is an ultimate crime. A waste of the gift. An existence rather than a life.
I'm going to stumble. I'm going to wish I hadn't said this thing or that thing. I'm going to cry at the wrong time, and laugh about it later. I'm going to handle this horribly and then wonderfully and then horribly again. 
Great news! I love it!

That being said, LMFAO and Dierks Bentley are coming to Super Bowl Village! Aah! Oh, best news: IT'S FREE.
My classes are going well.
Things are coming together.

Sometimes people say things like, "You may not see it now but this is a blessing in disguise." Newsflash: I see it now. Whoomp, there it is.

ps. I updated my "about me" section! I'm quite proud of it. Feel free to take a gander. 

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