How to Put Back the Lights in Your Eyes

Alright. So.
It's been nearly a month since all of that unpleasantness went down.
In some ways, it feels like a year. In some ways, it was an hour ago.
Lots of really great things have happened in the last few weeks.
I'm definitely rebuilding and strengthening some crucial relationships in my life, with girlfriends and family.
I have lost a lot of my appetite so I'm getting skinny! Woo!
I have not done anything I regret, which is not to say I haven't made a fool of myself here and there, but none of it was the kind of stuff you can't come back from.
I got an urge to escape this place, with its many, many memories. So much growing up was done here. And so I've been looking into jobs in different places around the country. My top two choices currently are Boston and Austin. Boston, because it appeals to me on a number of levels - the ocean, the history, the different culture, the (even greater) distance from my troubles. I've had several good friends move to or near Austin lately, though. And when I mention my Top 2, people are always pushing more for TX than the coast.... So, that's where my head is at there. No way of knowing what will actually happen, but it's fun to imagine the possibilities.
I'm purging my friends list. Not the Facebook version, but the real life one. There are people who have been important pieces of my life puzzle in the last couple of years who, it seems, must remain a part of that past. I'm not so sure that group has a place in my future. This is more than a break up. It's a purge.
I've got a handle on school so far this semester. Albeit, we're only three weeks in, but I'm feeling pretty confident at this point. Having that potential December graduation hanging over my head is a strong motivator.
The Denver trip is coming up in just a couple of weeks. To say my emotions are mixed about it would be an understatement. However, I am determined to have fun in one of the most beautiful places in the country with my beautiful roommate.
I am confident in the ways of the Fates. No great story starts with a clean slate. The heroine is always just getting her heart broken or learning terrible news or feeling dissatisfied with the status quo. I'm not sure what greatness implies in this story, though I have a feeling it involves everyday adventures, true love, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, understanding and awakening, boundless joy.... someday. 
I am not so good at being all of the things that I wish to be right now - kinder, classier, unphased, moved on - but I am true. There is no mistaking that I toss my heart and mind around with great speed and average dexterity, aiming them at this target and then that one. But it's always me. That seems to be the blessing and the curse of it all, you know? All or nothing...

[later that same day]

Do you ever just randomly like the way your hair looks some days? Nothing special. In fact, the rain would have killed any special effects. So, mousse and air-dry and pulled back in a pony tail... but I like it. :)

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