Disappeared on Investigation Discovery is on Netflix and I am ad.dic.ted. I'm trying really, really hard to get these homework assignments done, but man.... This girl just disappeared in New Hampshire. And another kid disappeared in a park in Wisconsin and all they found were his pants and belt in the river. Eek! Why do I love this stuff? #morbid

In other news, today has been an excellent day. I'm actually getting some of that homework done, I was super productive at work today, I'm still [mostly] on track with the eating right stuff, and this show is the bomb! Oh, and my roommate is attempting to put her new desk together all on by her lonesome. This should be interesting....

Tomorrow and Thursday night = class. Friday? Well, who knows. Sunday, we have Groupons for a winery in Edniburgh. Can you say Roommate Date?! 

Most excitingly, I got a Groupon for a professional massage today. I love me some back massage. It was $30 for an hour. I have until July to use it. I've been meaning to get a "real" massage since I was 16 years old. Let's just call 2012 "The Year Sarah Started Living The Life She Imagined."

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