Critically Acclaimed

I've been thinking a lot the past few days about the Prep Talk this week. I just discovered The College Prepster through Pinterest, and started following her on Twitter last week. And now I'm a Prep Talk subscriber.
This week's topic was Critics. I enjoyed her insights and shared the whole "I'm my own worst critic" scenario many  of us motivated, creative, talented, goal-oriented ladies in our twenties have going on. And like the Prepster, I have no idea how to fix it. It's become one of those annoying yet ever-present little voices that I've resigned myself to until the end of time. 
Mulling this over at work today, I had a thought! 
A moment of clarity! 
A light bulb came on, if you will. 
Criticism from others is sometimes motivated by insecurity, right? Especially the criticism that is extra harsh, or unfair and untrue, or really hits home with one of our own insecurities. 
Now, I'm no mathematician. However, a simple equation would look something like:
Something happens. → Others feel insecure.  → Criticism ensues.

This is where it gets real:
Something happens. → I feel insecure.  → Self-criticism ensues.

And you know self-criticism is that extra special kind that makes whatever you're analyzing way worse than it actually is. You critique the words you used, your facial expression, the finished product that could have been tweaked a bit more, even your attitude or the thoughts no one could hear but you. 
And then you're mean to yourself about it. 
Two thumbs down, says Ebert and Roeper. 
Headlines report how incredibly awful it was that you said that mean, terrible thing. 
E! News is preparing a special on just how in the world a person comes to find that as an acceptable finished product, and to actually submit it?  
You must be a crazy/unintelligent/uncool/conceited/(fill in the blank) person.

Okay, so that may be a bit dramatic, but hopefully you see my point. The things I criticize myself for are almost always things I wasn't 100% about in the first place. I have no qualms about my toothpaste selecting abilities, or reading a novel, or having tickle fights with my little cousins. 
But submitting a paper? Or going on a date? Or meeting with my boss? 
That's when the monster strikes.

Now that we've discovered the culprit, what about a cure? 
"Quit being insecure" seems the simplest answer.
However, I'm as lost as the rest of the world with that one.
The only possible solution that comes to mind has to do with some quotes I've read about happiness lately. I'm guessing that self-confidence, like happiness, is elusive to an active seeker, but comes naturally to those who follow their talents, their dreams, their vision. 
Oh, and it would probably be a really good idea to put 2 or 3 people on Speed Dial who are willing to gush over you at the drop of a hat. No matter what. 

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  1. This is great! Prep Talk always sparks a thought for me and I love hearing other reader's thoughts!

  2. Thanks! I just discovered Prep Talk and I'm excited to see what comes next!