Travel... Finally. :)

I got tickets to Colorado this morning! Woohoo!
So, it's official. I may be in Indiana, but my heart is in Denver, CO (inside joke. even I'm not that ridiculous).
But I am excited!

And tonight, finally, my Euro travel buddy and I sit down with budgets, flight sites, and travel guides to figure out what the heck we're doing in May. Oh, it's all so magical.

Seeing as I spent all day yesterday curled up in bed, vomiting everywhere, I'm pretty excited for this day in general.
I've got some working out to do (as per the 2012 Goals),
and some cleaning to do (our place is a wreck. mostly because my stuff is spread out all over the house),
and then travel talk!

Sometimes, I forget how exciting life is. 
I'm thinking back to the many days, especially lately, when I was incredibly grumpy and awful. So sorry about that, world.
Everything just seems to feel like it's new, a fresh start, which is very apropos for this time of year, I suppose.
Whatever it is, I'd like to keep it for a while. 

Oh, and cheers to traveling! Finally!

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