Realistically Speaking

I have great news!
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!
buh dum ch!
But for real.
I had an inkling that maybe I could finish my grad program by next December, and today (being the day before Christmas break and so my brain decides to start functioning and figuring things out?)...
Today, I discovered that it is indeed possible!
It means a rigorous summer schedule, and an internship + two classes in the Fall,  but I'll be done!
This is of course forgoing the Thesis route and opting for a research class and an extra elective instead.
I'm going to set up an advising appointment when we get back from break to confirm that all is well, but according to fulfilling the requirements, I can see the plan, so... Woohoo!
Which means I'll have to start applying for jobs and make an alternative living plan by September. My apartment complex requires a 2 month notice if you're not going to renew your lease. 
Life just got really exciting!

New Year's Eve - December 31, 2011: At the ritzy Hilton gala in downtown Indy for potentially my last New Year's Eve in this city (at least for a while).
January 2012Meet with advisor.Start classes.
February 2012A quick Valentine's Day jaunt out to the big CO. 
March 2012: Girl's Reunion of AWESOME!!! All of our undergrad girls together in one spot for some Evansville reminiscing and an 80s Night @ Hammerheads?! Yes please. :) Oh, and Spring Break - another trip? Somewhere? Maybe. Can I afford it? No. Do I care? No. 
April 2012Crunch time. Finishing up finals and papers.Scheduling summer and fall classes.Securing internship.
May 2012EUROPE!
June - December 2012Class. Internship. Work.
August 2012Start applying for jobs! Eek! That's only like 8 months away.They'll even be big kid jobs, hopefully making more money and in a cooler place!
December 2012: Graduate!! 
...and this is how I will spend my last year on this earth, seeing as we have 363 days until the world ends.


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