The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Finals are over! 
*pause to properly appreciate this moment*
In celebration, I immediately headed to Target to buy Christmas presents.
Feeling guilty for making and/or wrapping presents because you should be
writing papers or studying is an awful feeling.... and it's gone!
So I spent a little too much mullah. Oops. BUT I got the best stuff.
I know you're concerned, but let me reassure you - all of my family is getting
homemade stuff. As promised.
My friends, though, are getting the shaft and will have to deal with 
purchased Christmas gems this year.
Okay, so maybe I got a few craft supplies tonight to make a thing or two 
for a friend or two. I can't help it! I may have a problem....
I may just stay up all night crafting and wrapping and drinking hot cocoa. :)
More likely, I'll be in bed by 10pm.
Which is

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