I am Resolved.

Every year I make New Year's Resolutions.
And, like everyone else in the world, every year I forget what they even are by the end of January.
For whatever reason (tradition, maybe) I'm compelled once again to set some sights for 2012.

First, though, I'd like to take a look back at 2011 and see if I accomplished anything...
Here goes.

  • May - Finished Event Planning and Management Certificate thru IUPUI. 
  • August - Started the Philanthropic Studies Masters Program at IUPUI.
  • I lost 8 lbs when the fall semester started, simply because I didn't have time to eat. I managed to gain it all back, though, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Easy come, easy go. Hopefully.
  • I got afghans made for 4 different weddings. On time. In the gift bag, with tissue paper and card. On arrival at the reception.
  • I found a new roommate!
  • I got my transmission fixed. And I'm paying back my Nana and Pap, which is something other adults in my family always promise to do, but tend to taper off or just not do it. I am. It's kind of exciting and rewarding. They're literally the best people I know or could ever hope to know. If I end up a smidgen like them, then I will have succeeded.
  • We started a book club! And it's still going. We're on book four, and we have 5 already planned out. How cool is that?
  • I got a full-time job! Although I had worked for Riley for a year and a half, I was an hourly, non-benefited employee. In January, my boss worked with his boss and they were able to come up with a full-time position for me. My year anniversary as a "real" employee is next month. Hooray Health Insurance!
  • I met some pretty wonderful people. 
  • Emily
  • I first met as our graduate assistant at the foundation, but discovered we were in the same program at school, and we had two classes together, and bam! Magic. :) She's just the sweetest thing. Now that I think about it, I need to text her back... oops.
  • Pri and Renee
  • are girls who I've known about for years through mutual friends, but finally met in May at a bachelorette party. They are great gals! I feel that I've done a great job of testing the tenuous bonds of our short friendship and they have held up like champs. One of my goals for 2012 is to repay the kindness and understanding to these girls. Thank goodness for them.
  • Amy
  •  I've known for a while. We worked together during what I refer to as the Worst Three Months of My Life as a Cracker Barrel Server. She was pretty close to my former roommate for a while. When I was desperately searching for a roomie a few months back, I did not expect her phone call. "So, are you still needing a roommate?" The circumstances that led her to need a roommate are not ideal, but I'm so glad she's here. We are at pretty similar places in life these days, and nice to have the support of someone who knows, and to know you're not alone. Plus, she's pretty fun. :)
  • Leslie
  • Can it be that I only met her last year? I started to put her in a different category of "People I Grew Close to This Year" but I guess it's true. We met last January, helping to move our boys into their new apartment. Insane. This is a girl I admire more than she knows. She puts up a heck of fight in the boxing ring of life. She's worked really hard this year, and accomplished so much! She finished paramedic school while working at a fire station and fulfilling her one weekend a month with Nat'l Guard, including a month of PT. Oh, and she got promoted to 1st Lt. She has conquered so much this year. I hope she's as proud of herself as I am. One of the things I love best about this woman is that she is totally upfront. Always. As someone who worries if others are upset with her, or angry, or ignoring me, I LOVE that she just tells me. It's wonderful. Perhaps most importantly, she's my Europe buddy! 
In terms of growing closer to people I knew before this year:
  • Chelsey: comes to mind. There are no words. Love this girl. I can't even relay our shenanigans because there are preschool toys present. She's been a wonderful friend, and I'm so glad we stumbled into one another's lives.  
  • Monica: I've known for years. We haven't been as close this year as we were last year, but our friendship has now gone through some of those bumps in the road that let you know it's lasting and real. Sometimes, I don't see her for a weeks or months at a time, but it's like we were never apart. I've grown in my friendship with her, and I think she could say the same about me, and I love her and I can't wait to see her!
  • Cassie: I have definitely gotten closer to this year. She lives a state away, but it's like she's here anyway. I can't think of anyone I'm more comfortable with when it comes to talking things through. She has the benefit of distance, and she isn't involved in my personal, daily dramas, so it's a safe zone for bouncing ideas around. We also have a master plan to cut out that annoying bit of land between Peoria and Indianapolis. It's really unnecessary and just serves to keep us apart, as far as we can see. 
  • Mandi: Chalk girl. I never would have expected the friendship between us to blossom like it did, and she's probably the person I have visited most from undergrad that lives in a different state. She got married a few weeks ago. It was beautiful. She planned it, so I'm not surprised. She's a talented lady and I'm glad that state borders aren't detrimental to our visits. I'm pretty sure it's my turn to go there next, so we'll have to talk soon. :)
Here's to another year of fantastic friendships!  
  • I survived my first semester of grad school! While working full-time. Woo!
  • On a whim, I started a blog about growing up. I read another friend's memoir, and I loved it, and felt inspired to write my own. So far, people seem to really like it. A few people get it emailed directly to them, and I love hearing their reactions. It's so much fun to remember things from childhood; some of it is incredibly inaccurate but that's the way I remember it. It has also sparked good discussion with my family when we all get together. They all remember it differently than I do, or they can't figure out how I remember something from when I was three or four years old. Like I said, it's been a hoot. Can't resist a plug, though, so if you'd like to read along check out IGrewUpBrownCounty.blogspot.com.
I guess I could go on and on about 2011. It was an eventful, if incredibly fast, year.
The original purpose, though, was to make some resolutions for next year.
So, in 2012:

  • Get back into a regular workout routine. It's difficult with school and work and it being all cold outside, but it really does make the body feel better and relieves some of the tension of the mind.
  • Survive a full year of grad school, graduating in December. Enough said.
  • Get back into the swing of regular church attendance. I went this Sunday (Christmas Day was a Sunday. How could I not go?). Next Sunday is the day after NYE celebrations. Could be a toughy, but I plan to go.
  • Limit the amount of money and time I spend in the bars. One weekend a month is more than enough to blow off any steam I might have. Otherwise, sleep and watching movies on the new Wii with Netflix capabilities (!) and reading books and having girls' nights in. This seems like a much better plan.
  • Enjoy this city. Seeing as it could be my last year here, I want to do all of those things I meant to do when I moved here. Attend a game for all the different sports teams. Check out local eateries. Attend some festivals (read: food festivals) downtown. German. Irish. Rib fest. mmMMmm. 
  • Travel. So far, to Colorado and to Europe. Road trips to Illinois to visit Cassie and to Ohio to visit Mandi. Perhaps a beach visit in there somewhere? I sincerely heart the beach. 
  • Love. I want to love this year. Without restraint or constraints. With enthusiasm and my whole self. And if that blows up in my face, it won't be because I didn't give it everything I had. So, yeah. Love in 2012. I'm excited to see where it takes me [us].
So, 2012, you're shaping up to be great. There's lots going on. We have a lot to do.
I don't know that any of these things is unrealistic or unattainable in a year's time. 
When the ball drops at midnight, know that I won't be sad for what has passed but excited for what's in store. The promise this year holds seems so much more real and lasting than years passed. 

But now, I must go enjoy the snow falling softly outside my window, the Christmas tree still glowing in the corner of the living room, the little menace known as Ralph who is equal parts terror and lover, the sister lazing on my couch eating breakfast and putting off the shower I *highly encouraged* her to take, the apartment that has become my home.

Merry, happy holidays indeed.

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