Forward To: The North Pole

Dear Santa,
I haven't written to you in ages. I hope you've been getting plenty of mail anyway. I'll be a better pen pal in the future. Promise.

Since I know you see everything, you probably already know what I'm going to ask, but ask it I shall. I only hope I've managed to stay mostly on the Nice List.

I ask for peace this year, Santa. I would love to have some for me, but I would really like it for a lot of people in my life right now. It seems like any struggle becomes more significant and harder to cope with during the holidays. So I ask for peace for all of us. For my friends who have lost love, in some form another. Hold their hearts, Santa, and please ask the elves to put some extra super shiny snowflake stickers on them. Better yet, I'll make this request a double:

Hope. Some people are really down on hope. They think it gives people false ideals and causes us to make unrealistic decisions or cling to things that aren't real. That may be all well and true. There must be different kinds of hope, though, because the kind I'm asking you to bring this year is the comforting, exciting kind. The hope that tells you it's okay if things are less than stellar right now because it will get better, that there is a reason and purpose for everything.

Maybe the most important gift I'm asking for this year is this - Relaxation. I need it, Santa. My bones are tired and my muscles are cramped. My head swims from all the demands of life these days. Please bring me this gift. Remind me of what's really important. Allow me to prioritize the things that are necessary or important from the things that are vital. I somehow seem to think everything is vital. It's no good, Santa. 

Wisdom is one of those gifts that I think you've attempted to bring me in years passed, and I overlooked it. No more. Understanding. Insight. Clear conscience. I need more of this.

Santa, my most difficult personal request this year is a "coming of age." I think we both know I've changed in lots of ways in a very short time. I don't quite know how to handle or process all of it. Trying to go back and live the life I had before doesn't seem to be a realistic option - I simply don't have an interest in going back. But I miss aspects of it. I like aspects of this new life too. It would be perfection if you could bring a little box of "Aha! Moments" that I could keep on the shelf to use when necessary. If you could help me to find a balance of sorts that pulls from the best parts of the past and the best parts of the present and sends me into a more stable, exciting future. Oh! I just don't if I could ever thank you enough.

Please keep your eye out for sugar cookies when you come down my chimney. And celery sticks for the reindeer, of course. Thank you for being a cool, gift-giving dude. 



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