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Hannah came to visit! 
It's become kind of a tradition for her to stay a day or two with me at Christmas time.
She tried Chinese food for the first time. 
We set up the Wii and we're currently on episode four of Breaking Bad. 
We played up to the final castle of Level 1 in Super Mario Brothers for Wii. We both died a lot in the castle so we paused that for now.
We visited downtown this afternoon. The snow left a light dusting, just enough add a bit of splendor to the city.
It was her first visit to the Circle Center Mall, Monument Circle, the War Memorial. 
We enjoyed a nice dinner of cheese fries and Seasonal Eggnog Shakes at the ever-popular downtown Steak 'n Shake. 
We cleaned the carpet! Ralph helped, of course. It was pretty disgusting, how dirty the water got. But it's so clean now!
She's staying with me one more night. I like having the annoying little bugger around. I'll miss her. Just don't tell her. :)

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