The Pact

Over the holidays (namely Thanksgiving Day thru New Year's Eve), I will finish every book that I have currently started reading.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
It's All Relative

I will also read books I bought but haven't had time to start.
The Time Traveler's Wife 
Fahrenheit 451
The Handmaid's Tale 

I will catch up to the most current episode of Dexter. 
Dexter Season 4
Dexter Season 5 
First half of Dexter Season 6

I will remember the Crackle nail polish that I've been promising to bring home for Katie for months. She reminds me every time. Instead of "Hi Sarah!" she says, "Ummm. You said you were going to bring that crackle nail polish..." She is right.

I will eat. A lot. And not feel bad about it. That's what New Year's Resolutions are for.

I will fashion a turkey tail and a Pilgrim hat out of construction paper and make Ralph do a Thanksgiving photo shoot.  Complete.

I will fashion even quirkier and more embarrassing costumes for  Ralph for Christmas and use those pictures on my Christmas cards. 

I will finish the afghan for Mandi and Cody's wedding on time, and present it to them for that occasion. 
This one is going to be tough. It's December 10th. Yikes!

I will make dinner with my roommate. And introduce her to eggnog. She will love it. I think...

So far, this is my holiday pact with myself.
Here goes nothing...

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