Mini Vacation

Stuck at home this weekend because my car was back in the shop, and I had a fabulous time. Three full days of being rideless.
I finished decorating for Christmas, and ordered supplies to make gifts for my cousins and siblings.
I reorganized and sorted my closet, getting rid of a few unessential items.
We rearranged the bathroom, and made a space for Ralph's littler box under the counter. I even organized the hall closet under the stairs.
I finished a book for class, went out with Leslie to celebrate her graduation on Saturday night.
Slept in on Sunday morning. It was glorious.
I watched The Roommate. Slightly terrifying. But Ralph took it like a champ and refused to leave my side 'til it was over.
Monica is staying with us this week, her last week in Indy. She's moving back home, and her last day of work is Friday.
So Monica, Amy, Jasmine, and I are all staying at our place this week. With Ralph and Giorgio, we make a big happy family.
My brother (who is far, far away in Texas at Lackland) even called me and asked me for some girl advice. That hasn't happened in... years. It was nice. :)
The weather today is perfection.
We are attempting to find the home of a lost kitty in the neighborhood where our Museum is located. He's been running around here for about a week, off and on. So we saw him today, followed him, and took pictures so that we can post them and send them out to breeders to hopefully find his home. He's so sad looking. :(
Ralph, on the other hand, is growing like a weed already. He eats all the time, and begs for more. When I go to sleep at night, he's off playing somewhere in the apartment, but every morning since he's lived with us, he's curled up asleep on my bed (read: chest) when I wake up.
I'm feeling a bit better about my grip on grad school. Registered for classes next semester. I think I may skip class tonight (I know I talk about it a lot, but this is the first one of this class I'm actually skipping!) and work on the paper that will be due in there in a couple of weeks.
New Girl is on again tonight!
There is another, slightly confusing, unresolved issue in my life in the last day or two that I'll have to get back to you on. It's not life or death, or anything remotely close to it. It's just .. confusing.
So, there you have it. My weekend in a nutshell.
Oh yeah, I got my car back last night. I drove it to work this morning. Seems to be doing okay. So....

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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