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So I've been challenged today to consider liking myself. I know we have all of these psychobabble influences about accepting your weight or your living situation or whatever. This more about examining the things in your life that you do (feelings, thoughts, emotions, talents) that you like.

I'm struggling with this challenge. I dislike a lot of the things I think during the day. I tend to consider most the thing I shouldn't have said rather than when I've done or said the right thing. I could easily make you a list of the top 10 things I can do better. But the top 10 things I do well?

How do you reconcile that? How do you recognize your own strengths in a healthy way without feeling like a braggart or a tool? This is dangerous to me. Mostly because I find "refusing to cut myself a break" to be one of my strengths. Though perhaps it is a life-strength as opposed to an emotional one... Or not a strength at all...

Anyway. This is my new mission. To be more proactive about liking myself. And if I can't find things that I like that I'm already doing, then I guess some changes are in order.

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