Life 501

We left Life 101 behind ages ago. This is definitely at least a 500-level course.
Two papers and a presentation due this week.
Class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday til 9pm. Saturday, my ethics class is viewing "A Christmas Carol" at the IRT at 7pm.
I have a paper and a final due next week in class.
I start paying Nana and Pap back for my transmission loan next month - as in, 2 days from now.
We turned in our new lease, so that's official and such. So glad that weight is gone off my chest.
I had a very successful moment last night before bed in which I, in my near-constant state of emotional freakoutage, talked myself back. I gave myself the pep talk I would give a friend... and silly as it sounds, it worked! I could literally feel my blood pressure drop and the anxiety ease. It was nice. :)
That being said, it may happen many more times in the next 17 days. That's the countdown to finishing my first semester of grad school - 17 days.
It's a bit surreal. How does time fly so fast? 
On a  good note, I finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time over break, and I'm halfway through It's All Relative, which is good since book club meets this coming Sunday and that's the book we're discussing.
There's also an Indianapolis Icemen home game or two this weekend. $5 gets me in with my student ID. I may just have to go enjoy some gratuitous violence for the safety and well being of those around me in the coming weeks. Nothing like grown men smashing into each other and settling scores with fists and elbows to make a girl feel entertained and gratified. 
At some point, I need to squeeze in a few workouts and shampooing the carpets. Nana let me borrow her carpet cleaning machine, and our apartment rugs are in desperate need of some love.
I have a good start on Mandi and Cody's wedding gift, but there's plenty to go before the wedding. I have 12 days. We'll see what happens.
All in all, Thanksgiving break was nice. I let my brain turn off for a while and just be. I ate all the sweets and goodies I wanted. I slept when I wanted. I read when I wanted. I visited with old friends and took pictures and helped my sister stack wood for Papaw. I talked to my brother... Well, both of them. I didn't yell or snap or get upset or angry or try to control anything. That's the big lesson here. I'm pretty good at trying to make the thing that I want to happen, happen. Trouble is, when you don't really know what you want, this is a risky process and doesn't turn out well for anybody. So, once again, letting go and surrendering to this crazy ride of life. A reminder that I never tire of, never seem to fully grasp.
This time, though, I think I'm getting there. If nothing else, grad school and work and life are teaching me that somethings just have to happen. You can't make it everywhere, be everything, do everything all the time. Somethings fall by the wayside or go differently than you'd like, but you get to focus your energy on the important things instead. Thanks, grad school. I think I've learned my lesson. Does this mean I can stop going now?

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