Family Bonding

Writing about my childhood memories is an exciting but dangerous experience. Today, I discovered the first (of, I'm sure, many) faulty memories. No one else seems to think it's a big deal, but it's scary when you can't even trust what's going on in your own mind. Albeit, I was very young when this one took place, so they give me some leeway. But still.
Otherwise, it's been great fun!

Tonight, New Girl returns to TV! I. am. pumped.
Afterwards, we're going to make hot chocolate, maybe build a fire, and put up the Christmas tree! I know. I know. It's early. But as fast as these months have been flying by, it will be Christmas before we know it. Let's enjoy it for as long as possible, yeah?

In other news....

I finally made the trek across the street to say hello to my neighbor, the one who left the note in my mailbox last week.
He's a nice guy. He referred to himself as "the space guy." He does some work with NASA, apparently, and his launch is scheduled for 2015. He also said he tests different kinds of jets for the military. And he spends a lot of time on the East Coast and in Florida. In Indianapolis, he's doing space education and outreach, and has even spoken with children at the hospital my foundation supports.
So... Wow. Yeah. Can you say successful?
My story was so much less impressive, I must say.
I guess he's made friends with some of the neighbors, and they all hang out occasionally, and now I'm invited!
"Well, I've seen you walking around here, running different errands and stuff. You seem to have yourself together. You're very pretty. I just thought I'd like to get to know you," he said.
I mean, what's a girl to do? Compliments (when sincere and without expectation, as this one seemed to be) are soothing to the soul. I won't be the first to break his bubble and let him in on my secret -- I'm so far from "having myself together" that I'm certain I could give Mr. Potato Head a run for his money.

Today, between work and class, I'll be working out with one of my new favorite people. I have mixed feelings about this. I haven't been to a legitimate gym in... a year? Sheesh. This is probably going to hurt...

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