Bragging Rights

In the past 24 hours, I have
-worked two 8 hour days.
-attended two 3 hour night classes.
-written an ethics paper on how my generosity will enrich your life, submitted it to a friend for editing, edited hers, updated, printed, and turned in the final draft.
-worked for 4.5 hours on our group paper last night, ending at 3am.
-printed 300 Christmas cards for the museum while updating bad addresses in our database.
-played with Ralph.
-found myself some Sam Adams Winter Lager and am now settled in for another long night of editing.

We turn it in tomorrow. We present on it. Then it's over. It's all over.
Well, except for the final due Tuesday, and the paper and presentation due the following Tuesday.

Ugly Sweater Party, I am coming for you.... and it is bound to get pretttty ugly.

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