[trans] mission failure

The man at the transmission shop was very kind. His daughter graduated from the same college I went to in undergrad. His other daughter is 29, and has a four-year-old daughter that he loves to baby-sit. He told me that if I had driven my car one more day, my transmission would have been completely shot. He told me that I did the right thing by bringing it in as soon as the light started flashing. He told me that a vehicle of the same make and model in the shop at that moment had an estimated $3400 in repair because the transmission had to be completely replaced. He told me that was worst case scenario. He tried to reassure me and told me he had sometimes replaced them for as little $1300. He did not reassure me. My car is worth barely more than that, and definitely not worth more than three thousand dollars. He hopes that when he gets it up on the lift tomorrow, and looks around inside the transmission that he will be able to replace a part or two, fix a circuit, and change the fluids and that this will take care of the problem.
I'm afraid this will not be the case.
When I called home to whine/ask what to do, my aunt simply said, "Sarah, you sound like a grownup."
That is what I was afraid of - grownuphood.

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