To Do ToDay

  • Get my car back!!
    Can we all just take a moment to recognize the awesomeness of this moment?  //sigh of relief 
  • Find a sandalwood and cashmere candle. Deelicious.
  • Replace body wash. as it is empty and this does not bode well for future washings of the body.
  • Get milk.
  • Hunt out some cool fabric at fantastic bargain prices to start making Christmas presents.
  • On that same note, some hem tape or other hem-mending device would be a good purchase as well.
  • Nap.
  • Have a sleepover with two of my favorite girls downtown.
  • Anticipate book club tomorrow. The theme is shower/tea party. Dresses required. Little sandwiches and cakes, and mimosas are on the menu, I believe.

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