Then, There Was The Time When

My group members were attempting to have a real/serious discussion about our paper topic yesterday evening, and one of the main researchers we're studying is from Scotland. This led to an interesting discussion of Scottish culture and Scots-Irish and heritage and all that. My contribution to this discussion? "Isn't Gerard Butler from Scotland? They win." Some things are so simple, they simply don't need to be intellectualized.

After class, I met up with some friends for pizza at Bazbeaux on Mass.
Heres the thing: It was raining. It was dark. Every stinkin' block over there looks the same. I was on the phone with the girls, who were already inside the restaurant, and from my parking spot, this is the walk I took to get to the pizza place.

Let's just say that my innate sense of direction didn't win any awards last night.
Oh, and half the city saw my undies because the wind was blowing something fierce. Thank goodness for tights.
On a positive note, I'm sure I walked off at least the amount of calories in a pepperoni. 
Oh life. The divine comedy...

Tonight, is the Halloween Howl for Riley. We're all dressing up (it's a pirate's life for me!) and helping with registration and such. Any time I get to wear a costume AND make a difference in the life of a child = all-around win.

And tomorrow, meeting with a potential roommatee! Woo! I'll let you know how it goes.

Adios, amigos. Viva la vida. Or is it livin' la vida loca?

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