The Single Woman

I've mentioned a few times that I really enjoy the blog
She's quirky and fun and inspiring, and always encouraging readers to take some risks and do it for love!
However, today she blogged about the return of her ex. That they dated-ish on and off for 5 years, she finally kicked it all to the curb in April and let him go. Of course, she blogged about this and he somehow got word of it and called her up to tell her how much he loved her.
"It was different this time," she said over and over in her blog.
She recounted a couple of really cute conversations.
And now she's ready to give him another shot.
I mean, love is love, I guess.
But what worries me is the infatuation she's seemingly found with his words. People can say lots of things. They might even believe themselves when they say them. But she has yet to tell us about what he has done to show her evidence of his change of heart.
It's becoming pretty obvious to me that simply caring about someone is not enough of a reason to tie your heart to theirs in any sort of relationship way.
Fact: relationships need both parties' full cooperation to survive. And even then it's iffy.

So I'm happy for this random girl in Nashville, TN whom I've never met. I'm glad to hear she's excited and moving forward and taking her risks.
My future holds more in the 'calculated risk' category. There may be a chance that I'll win the lottery by purchasing one ticket, but the odds are so low that's almost an impossibility and not worth my $5. That's a for-sure cup of coffee at Starbucks for me.
Not that anything in life is guaranteed.
I'm just nervous for this girl, and also nervous of the implications it may have on the tons of other female readers who dumped crappy exes that are now thinking of giving them another shot.
Let me be the first to say, no thank you.

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