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There is so much variety in our world today. Whether it's laundry soap scents or car models or Prime Time TV, there are choices everywhere. Most of time, the more bells and whistles offered, the more enticing an option seems. I'm generally okay with this. More than once, I've purchased perfume because the bottle was pretty and had no idea what the stuff actually smelled like until I got home. I like features and functions and embellishments as well as the next guy. Except for a few things.

1. Yogurt.
In my perfect world, yogurt would be flavored vanilla, strawberry, banana, or some combination of the three. So many little yogurt containers wasted on nasty key lime pie or those gooey, slimy apple flavored messes. Coconut? Eww. Child, please.

2. Books.
Kindles are for wussies. Sorry. I had to say it. "But it's so convenient! I can get the books almost instantly. And for travel?! So much easier." .... To that I say, ahem, "Suck it up." If you are only as dedicated to reading a novel as related to the ease with which it is transported or purchased, please move on. We real readers recognize the necessity of flipping pages and falling asleep with the book open on your chest and having a favorite bookmark. How are you supposed to make a library in your home if you don't actually own any books? For shame. I'll just take the unwieldy, heavy, dog-eared little friends I've always loved, thank you very much.

3. Phones.
The capabilities of phones these days is getting out. of. con. trol. I mean, seriously? You have to watch ESPN highlights while you wait for the waiter to bring out your food? Maybe try having a conversation with the people you invited out to dinner in the first place. No, I don't need to video chat with you on my phone. It's a phone call. As in, talking on the phone. Simple. When I told the man at Verizon last month that I was not interested in replacing my old phone with a smart phone, he had to look around the store to remember if they even sold anything that was 'dumb' anymore. I need to make phone calls, text, take a picture now and then, and occasionally check facebook. That is all.

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