It's Funny How This Always Happens

It seems like the minute I sit down to do any sort of homework or research, I have a desperate urge to blog instead.
Part of the trouble is, I'm watching one of my favorite movies of all time -- The Family Stone. Every time I watch this, I end up envisioning what Christmas will be like in the future, when my siblings and I start becoming real grown ups who bring home significant others who become spouses who give us children and we all celebrate together. Granted, I've got a few years before my 13 year old sister gives me a run for my money as the first to produce an heir. It's just a nice little fantasy about the future - to think of a time when some of this crazy life stuff is figured out, when we've found our soul mates and fulfilling careers and have mortgages and such.
As much as these days of my life are enjoyable and I'm learning a lot and making mistakes but mostly learning from them, it's almost unreal how much of it is all up in the air.
Every teeny tiny little decision could be the one that changes everything.
Maybe life is always this way, and we fool ourselves thinking that some of it makes sense at some point, but I figure we would all die of heart attacks at 40 if that were the case. So, I have some hope, even if it's not scientific.
Anyway, enough musings. My favorite part is coming up: the big reveal on Christmas morning. I love the family dynamics in this scene.
Oh, and back to the paper/midterm I suppose.
Catch you all on the flip side.

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