Friendship is.... of your best girlfriends from college calling you up on a Monday night to catch up with life, the universe, and everything. She tells you all about married life in Missouri, and you tell her all about graduate school/non-married life in Indiana. She then casually mentions that her mother was wondering if you would mind showing her 35 year old male cousin a good time/night out on the town while he's in the area staying with their grandmother for a month. Not to be weird or like a date or anything, she assures you.
Chuckling a bit, you agree.
When you leave class tonight, you have a voicemail from her mother that is incredibly sweet, and just as awkward, as she attempts to 'set you up' on a non-date with her nephew whom you've never met. From what you can tell, it's not even the nephew/cousin's idea, but your friend's mom is determined that he have some fun in this city before he heads back to Nevada in a week or two. "Not like a date, not like I'm trying to set you up with anything permanent. I mean... Unless you guys decide on something permanent..." [insert nervous laughter]
You accept the challenge of helping this stranger enjoy himself in 'the big city,' and you see the humor in the situation, and you are honored that your friend's mother felt comfortable enough to even suggest you as the person to do this favor in the first place, and you are relatively unsure of what to expect.
A plan is tentatively set for Saturday.

This is friendship.

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  1. I laughed outloud and almost woke the baby up... I hope you're happy! Oh those devious ladies!