I am BEYOND excited!
I turn 25 in May, and in honor of that blessed event, I'M GOING TO EUROPE! AAAH!
Finally. It only took me a quarter of century to make it happen.
First up on the the giant list of things to do is to get my passport.
That's right; this plucky picaroon has never been outside the 48 contiguous United States.
I've got a few friends scattered throughout Europe from the summers I spent working summer camp, so Ireland, England, France -- couch-crashing across the countries!
My friend Leslie has graciously agreed to accompany me on this maiden voyage (get it? a voyage of maidens? lol).
To top it all off with an enormous cherry, one of my stateside friends just so happens to be planning a Eurotrip at the exact same time!
I will be blowing out the candles on my birthday cake from a little cafe in Paris.
<le sigh>

Right now, I'm finding it hard to believe I'll ever be able to be grumpy or complain about anything ever again.... :)

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