Crazy Girl

You know the song "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band?
Fairly certain it wasn't written about me specifically, but I'm definitely a crazy girl.
I'm crazy in love with love. I'm crazy about feeling, whether it is despair or rampant joy. I'm crazy about life. I LOVE life. It sucks a lot of the time. People are hurtful, or worse, I hurt other people. Things don't work out. Or they do. People come and go. It's absolutely awful and wonderful all at once. I'm crazy about it.
I'm crazy about music. Bad music, sometimes. The number of times I get excited and exclaim, "I love this song!" while listening to the radio is comical. I just get so excited. I can't help it... because I'm crazy.
I'm crazy when it comes to boys. When I've got a boy in mind, he's on my mind all the time. I'm crazy for his attention, his affection, his kisses. I'm crazy to hold his hand and hear his voice and learn his music. When I've got a boy in mind, I'm crazy about him.
I'm crazy about books. Reading is such a roller coaster. Whether you love the book, hate the author, abhor the writing style, or fall for the main character. It's simply crazy to think about. Crazy awesome.
I'm crazy about crafts. I got so frustrated with my sewing machine yesterday that I was tempted to throw it out the window. One good shove and it's gone. But then I finished the project and I was so excited! Just like that, we made up and I was in love with that machine all over again. I'm crazy about yarn selection in the store. Sometimes the yarn is really neat but so difficult to work with. It's crazy the amount of decision, sacrifices, and perseverance that is necessary to make something like that work.
Crazy is always used in a such a derogatory way. 
I'm beginning to think that I like being a crazy girl.
Yes, it's a bit dramatic around here. And I do lots of dumb things in the name of feelings or emotions, and they change so abruptly that my own head starts spinning. But I feel it so hard, so thoroughly, and there is beauty in that.
If my option is crazy and alive or sane and existing... Well, I think it's a pretty obvious choice.

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