Today, I am interested in doing as little as possible.
It's been so dark and chilly in the mornings this week.
We should all get medals just for getting out of bed.

It's damp and cold today, and the fireplace is calling my name.
Necessary supplies: a crock pot, a bundle of wood, and fuzzy socks.
This fall's first pot of chili in honor of October's impending arrival tonight? Signs point to "Yes."
Maybe a stop at RedBox to find a lovable comedy that I can watch while spooning myself on the couch.
I want to unplug, sign out, and turn off every gadget and gizmo in a 30 yard radius and just be.

Tonight, I just want to be...

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!

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