Time Travel

Have you ever missed a moment, even while you're in it?
Tonight, I unwrapped a Dove milk chocolate and it said, "Stop and enjoy this moment."
I was standing in my room, just got home from class, about to find sweat pants and fuzzy socks.
And when I paused to take all of that in.... I teared up!
My life is so very far perfect right now.
Somethings at work are changing in terms of mission and approach, and I'm not quite sure how I'll fit into this new picture.
Classes are interesting, but so stinking theoretical that I'll never actually be able to use any of this in a practical setting.
I have cramps.
I have lost a pound or two! But that's because I only eat one meal a day since I leave home at 8 am and don't get back til 9 pm.
I curbed my car on the way out of the garage tonight, and I drove half way home convinced I had a flat front tire  (and no, I did not get out to check. That would have made too much sense).
I'm still this huge, emotional ball of snot and tears at random intervals and occasions. It's quite annoying, actually.

But in the midst of all that, I really like my life.

And as I stood in that moment, savoring the Dove chocolate, I couldn't help but think of a time when this would all be over. There's some element of my future-nostalgia creeping into the present.

I know I'm going took back on all this and see how insane I was, and how much I learned, and how many stupid mistakes were really not necessary if I had paused long enough to think it through, and how many things that seemed so important just.... weren't.

I like this place. I like my home. I like my friends. I like the book club, and our gas stove, and the paint on the walls.

Lots of peoples' lives are changing right now. Break-ups are in the water, it seems. So are babies. And weddings. So many transitions.

It seems that the leaves parting from tree branches aren't the only goodbyes this season.

So as much as I'm ready to move on, and be better, and finish this degree, and do whatever it is that comes next, I shall endeavor to do as my sweet treats suggest and remember to "Stop and enjoy this moment."

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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