Sweater Season and Such

I'm so excited.
I pulled all of my winter sweaters down out of the closet this week, and it's like I just got a bunch of new clothes.
I forgot how much I love to be warm. :)
Our apartment smells delicious with the pumpkin spice candle on the warmer.
Side note: When I bought Giorgio, the man at the pet store told me to feed him once every 3 days. The jar of fish food says 2-3 times per day. After a few days of starving the poor guy, I've since changed my ways to multiple feedings a day. He's much perkier, strangely enough.

Group meeting tonight for my Civil Society and Philanthropy class. I'm also really excited to present my topic idea.
(I am such a nerd. I recognize it. Not sure how to fix it, so I guess I'll have to embrace it.)

Anyway, we've been discussing civil society (obviously), and how voluntary associations take over certain services and voids left by the government and the market.

In undergrad, we had this really awful semester of Charles Sellers The Market Revolution, but also a pretty cool study called The Discovery of the Asylum. The Asylum discusses how orphanages, asylums, projects, etc. were established with incredibly dismal care for their contingency from the very beginning, and poses the question: If they were really interested in the public good, why treat people so poorly? Or was there, perhaps, an entirely different purpose - such as eradicating the sense of community loyalty in hopes of redirecting those feelings toward the state or the nation or whatever?

I'm not sure if the other people in my group will go for it, but it seems compelling to me.
For whatever reason, I feel like rebelling in this program and throwing a wrench in the system. So much of it is theory and morality and 'giving well' and "money doesn't matter" and other such b.s.
I'm, again, excited to combat some of these notions with some practical, pragmatic street smarts I've gained in my short lifetime. Bring it on.

I'll take on the whole Center if necessary. haha.

Anyway, dear readers, I hope you are having all great days as well.
And that you have just as many (if not more!) things to be excited about. :D

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