The Seven Deadly Sins

Pride. Greed. Gluttony. Envy. Sloth. Lust. Anger.
Each of the seven deadly sins represents a destructive habit, a way of seeing, acting, and being that tends to foreclose the possibilities for human flourishing latent in our daily lives.
When we give in to them, we make mountains out of mole hills, take and hoard when we should give and share, and cut ourselves off from the very people in whose goodness we should rejoice.
Each of the seven deadly sins implies a kind of myopia, an inability to see the larger contexts in which we live and act, and an inwardly directed gaze that distracts us from the larger purposes to which we could be devoting our lives.
They are hell.
As Dante indicates by the purgatives he portrays, no such sinner is irredeemable.
Instead, the sins are called deadly because in indulging in them we deaden ourselves to the highest and best ends in life.
They are called deadly because the more time and energy we devote to them, the less living we do each and every day.

--excerpted from
We Make a Life by What We Give 
by Richard B. Gunderman

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