I'm excited for our group project in Civil Society and Philanthropy.
Below you'll find my group's proposition for how we go about submitting our Topic Proposal on Thursday...
  • We each send out a team email stating what we want to examine by Sunday at 6pm. 
    • This could also handled by a meeting Monday.
  • Then get our paragraph to Sarah by Monday at 6pm. 
    • Have the compiled work sent out that evening by Sarah. 
  • We can review it and get Sarah edits by 6pm Tuesday
    • The corrected version can be sent out that evening by Sarah. 
  • We can get any minor edits to Sarah by Wednesday at 6pm. 
    • Sarah can email out the final copy Wednesday evening
  • We all email back our approval or address any last minute issues Wednesday evening. 
  • Then Sarah can be emailed to the instructor  Wednesday evening.

Sometimes it's tough to be such a rockstar.

I also have another topic proposal, a precis, a source report, and, if I can find time, a few more annotated bibliography submissions due this week.

Oh, and we have book club a week from tomorrow, and I'm on Chapter 2.

Ay carrumba.

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