My Secret

I have loved a boy that I shouldn't and I am angry and upset with myself for it. I am mad at myself for missing things that were never even real. I'm much more upset with me than I'll ever be with him because I knew better from the start. I could forgive anyone in the whole world for letting me down, but I can't let myself off the hook for turning my back on what I knew to be right for what I wanted. I did not make good or wise choices. I may have high expectations of others, but the highest are of myself, and I failed dismally in looking out for myself and well-being. On top of this, I have often acted immature, reckless, and unkind in reaction to this situation. This has been the hardest part.

And I will get over it.

And forgive myself.

Any second now...

In all sincerity,


ps. I can't wait to look back at all of these blogs one day and laugh hysterically at my theatrics. I can really be quite dramatic.

pps. At that time, I plan to be "completely and perfectly and incandescently happy" in love.

ppps. Please see post-post-script above for evidence of initial post-script claim.

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