Mission Impossible To Get Started

As I settled in this evening to put in some extensive homework/study hours, I suddenly found myself needing to call maintenance about the leak in our kitchen faucet, and call my friend to ask her about her trip to Alaska, and dash desperately to Target to pick up a couple of zip-up hoodies.
I came home with a new dress, an area rug to cover the red-hair-dye fiasco remnant in front of the fireplace, 2 hoodies, $1 off coupons for mini hamburgers and tic tacs, and one awkwardly obvious encounter with a fourteen year old boy ogling my legs while his mother and baby sister stood by. 
All in all, success.
Now, I'm full. I have a soda at the ready. Lion King in the dvd player. A new hoodie to keep me warm. And no more excuses to put off homework. I take that back -- as soon as I post this blog, I will have nothing more to keep me from my responsibilities.

Which may make this entry longer than it would be otherwise.




I'll go do work.
I won't like it,
but I'll do it.

Just one last thing. I love the way my neighbors have loud, boisterous conversations (read: fights) in our practically mutual patios and then proceed to imbibe and intoxicate themselves into thinking they're a performing rap group that must keep beats and change the world with their lyrical genius.
At least they're not dull, I suppose.

Now, nose to the grindstone. Afterall, when in Rome...

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