Jasmine's birthday celebration is tomorrow.
"What's your plan?" I asked her about a month ago.
"Oh, I'll probably go out to eat with my family and then go out with my sister."

"What's your plan?" I asked her yesterday.
"Oh, I'm going wherever you're going."


Classes are complete for this week. I even finished most of the readings, formed a group in my class tonight for our project due in November, and got a seat by the outlet so I could play on Facebook ... err, I mean take notes during class!


I've been meaning to clean out Giorgio's bowl all week, but I kept putting it off. Mostly, because I pass out approximately 5 minutes after I walk in the door. Tonight, I came in determined to hook the little guy up with some fresh water and, of course, he wasn't moving! I freaked out. Kind of a lot. It's this little trick he likes to play before I turn on the light... he stays very still, like a he's imagining he's a shark on the hunt, and I am his prey. Little jerk. Anyway, thankfully he was alive. Now, he's all fresh and clean. :)


Unfortunately, I can't say the same for our kitchen. I'm a decent housekeeper, but these past two weeks have been an adjustment. And leaving dishes in the sink has resulted in flies and gnats. Yuck.
Besides, living in this old apartment building = bugs...and not of the pleasant variety (assuming there is such a thing). Guess I'll have to go get some bombing equipment and take care o' business around here. The trouble is, they say they can live for days without their heads, and they're the species most likely to survive an atomic explosion! How in the world am I supposed to compete with that??
But I have to try. They give me the willies... and not in a good way.


Lastly (and most importantly), it's a 3 day weekend. Finally.
And I get to see one of the loves of my life in a little over 24 hours. Finally. :)

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