Have I Told You Lately

that I love my roommate?
Last night, she made dinner for her boyfriend involving something with lemon chicken and pasta. It was after 10 when they got started, so I headed off to bed, but she told me she would leave me a serving in a to-go container so I could bring it for lunch today.
This is after she told me that I looked like (can you believe it?!) Zoey Deschanel in my tights and dotted dress!
I just love that girl.

So this morning, I have some extra time since I don't have to pack a lunch, and what do I do?
I burn the toast.

There was smoke everywhere. I opened the door and window and turned on the fan, and if anyone gets close to me at work today, they might think something is on fire....

And these are the days of our lives.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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