I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and getting to know some really great people since I moved to this town.
Today, I learned I have to say goodbye to another one.
It's great news for him. A new, better position with an organization that has a great mission.
"You were one of the hardest ones to tell," he said. "I didn't want you to have to hear it in an all-staff email. I wanted to tell you myself."
I jokingly blamed the ease with which I burst into tears as a main reason it would be tough to have to tell me any sort 'bad' news.
"No," he said. "There was something about you when you first came here. I sensed something in you, you know? You were someone I wanted to tell myself. No one will ever be good enough for you, remember that. No one. You're awesome, Matlock."
So, another of my adopted Pops is leaving. Not leaving me, per say, but definitely leaving me.
His assistance in helping to find me extra hours is a huge part of why I have a full-time job today.
When I wrecked my car, he drove me to his favorite tire shop on his lunch break and helped me get new ones for my car.
When I needed a date to soothe me after my heart was broken, he was the first to jump up and offer me a "blind" one.


everybody leaves.

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