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In honor of Jasmine's 21st birthday, we all made our way out to Broad Ripple. The drinking commenced.
By the end of the night, Jasmine was freaking out in front of Q'doba because she didn't want to be arrested for public intoxication (like Snookie was on Jersey Shore, apparently), and one her friends was puking in the trash can. Once he had hurled a bit, he came back over to where were standing, only to throw up again .... in my face. .... mmm. Yeah.


Jasmine had plans to visit Fort Wayne to see her sister, and I was eager to get on the road toward Peoria. Jasmine left our apartment around 10:30 am. Two of her friends were still at our apartment. One was the guy who had puked in my face. The other was on an antibiotic and had been throwing up non-stop for hours. I got my car all packed, and started to take this girl to her car, but it became pretty apparent that she was not in any condition drive, throwing up every 4.5 minutes and all that. So I drove her home .... way way way up and out on the north-west side. And she puked into a little trashcan in my passenger seat the whole way.

I finally got to Cassie's around 5 or so. It was 98 degrees and sunny the whole drive there, and then began to monsoon the moment I pulled off the interstate and had to look for street signs.

We went out in Peoria that night (after we both took a two hour nap, in our going-out gear nonetheless. lol). We had a blast! We stopped for the cheese fries before we headed home, and Cassie told me she needed to use the restroom. A few minutes later, a couple of girls came out to the table and asked if I was Sarah. "Your friend is having some trouble in the bathroom." Of course, she was throwing up.


We woke up around noon. Made our way to a cute little coffee shop. Laid out in the sun for a while. Made a pizza. Watched "Due Date." There was vomiting action in that movie as well. Sheesh.

When I got back into the city around 9:30pm, I had to stop at a gas station and get a money order to pay my rent, which meant I had to carry a lot of cash on me for a few minutes, which really freaked me out. Then, Chelsey and Sam came over for a few. We were all so exhausted and loopy that I couldn't even tell you what we actually talked about.


This morning, I woke up intending to hang out around the apartment and get some studying done, but my aunt kept texting me really sweet pictures of my baby cousins, which made me want them really badly, so I'm at home. Watching "GAC's Top Country Videos of the 90s" with my g-parents and enjoying weather that calls for fuzzy socks.

All in all, a successful weekend.
I'm feeling the need to take it a little easy in the coming weeks though.
Between Leslie celebration last week and the shenanigans of this one, classes and studying through out the week, and (not to mention) work, I'm wiped out.

I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life. <3

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