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My Ad:

My current roommate is moving out in November.
Need a new roommate, male or female, beginning December 1, 2011.
1 mile from ______.
I live in a 2 bdrm townhouse.
Free parking.
Pets = negotiable.
Near Target.
Price includes rent, utilities, cable, & internet.
Please email if interested. Thanks. :) 

The Responses:

  • Hey,
    seen your aid looking for a roommate in Dec. I would love to come take a look at the place and meet you. Lyndsey

My aid? You seen my aid? Where?!

  • Hi, my name is James H. and I am responding to Need a Roommate in December.
    Please tell me if this is still available. please email back at "(email removed)" as i check that more frequent then FB email.
    or Message me on FB :-P
    I Goto school off 82nd street I have no pets, i SMOKE but im working on stopping. I don't work yet, But i receive Pay from the military for my base housing allowance program due to the G.I.Bill. Im a Clean person i might have papers in my room but i try an keep clean
    So far my ex has asked me to move in which is a horrible thing. an a friend who is a player an drug guy has an opening but im not down for that. :-P
    Let me know If there is a possibility or room available?
Uh, let's see James.
You smoke, you don't have a job,
and your friends are drug dealers??
Yeah, I suppose I might consider it. ....
I considered it. The answer is no.

  • From: Nick Mortimer
    Hi Please get back to me here if the room is still available.Thanks.
You seem promising.
Can you get back to me after you have
resolved the transgender issue?

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