2nd Star to the Right

My moral compass doesn't seem to be pointing entirely North these days. I don't like it, but I'm not quite sure how to stop it.
Most likely, I need to start surrounding myself with some other people who have strong moral compunction and feed from their energy. I have no desire to slip down the dark, slippery slope that leads to "death."
I really have to stop going out (read: drinking) on the weekends. This is leading to poor decision making. I will say that I made several responsible decisions this past week that were missing in the weeks before, but still... No good.
Also, I think that being in a relationship helped me to hold a higher standard of moral behavior because I didn't want to break any promises to that person. It acted a tempering agent, if you will. Apparently I'm much better at holding myself to commitments to other people than I am to keeping promises to myself.
Honestly, it seems cheesy and desperate and a flash-in-the-pan effort, but I think I'm going to get myself a new devotional today. Something to read/study/journal each day. On top of work, grad school, and socializing, it's probably going to be tough to find time for it, but I feel it is something absolutely vital to my life right now.
Having lived such a pure life for so long, I'm finally beginning to understand why there was so much talk of redemption and forgiveness and not being able to do it alone. Please let these experiences be enough to make it all worth it. Please don't allow me to keep traveling down this road. It's frightening, and the signs fly passed at a million miles an hour, and I can't see around the next curve in the road. I'd rather not fly off the cliff because I couldn't use common sense enough to tap the breaks on occasion.

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