Where'd you go?

Have you ever gotten so caught up in something that you kind of lose yourself in the process?
You're still there - living, breathing, sleeping, showering... but some integral part that is you has gone missing.
It's one of those timeless struggles that I'm fairly certain would ring true with Genghis Khan or Helen of Troy or Romeo and Juliet.
Maybe start by viewing ourselves as a pie charts. There's only so much to be divvied out, and when you start giving too much to a particular piece, the other's inevitably suffer.

I have been less-than-happy for a little while now. I'm not completely miserable or out of control with sorrow or anything like that, but I've been so caught up in focusing energy in this one area that I have struggled to remember all the good in all the other parts of my life. I have been attempting to rebuild some of those thing in the last few months. It's been tough.

I'm not even implying that it's the fault of that one piece.
In fact, it's likely that by putting so much pressure and so much focus and so much energy into it that I'm a huge factor in why it cracked.
Like a bladder, a relationship can only hold so much.

I think it may be easier to let go this time because, even the parts that have always brought me joy, were beginning to be tainted by ugliness.

That's a note to me: Relax. Take it easy. Let it be.

If only it were that simple....

ps. It's completely normal that when I (finally!) saw our class rosters posted today that I immediately began to think of when I'd have time to facebook stalk my new classmates... com.plete.ly.nor.mal.

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  1. I'll take you up on that margarita! Misery does love company. Maybe we will cancel each others unhappiness out and come away from the experience new & shiny Sarahs!