Scene Begins -- Location: Water Cooler

"Sad news," I say.
"What's that?" asks my coworker.
"My boyfriend and I broke up."
"Really?! That's great! How do you feel about a blind date?"
Somewhat shocked and awed, I reply, "Good, I think. I feel good about it."
"Great! Remember [insert new staff member name] that you met last week? Well, he was asking me about eligible girls here in the office for his bestfriend."
"Oh yeah?" I ask, somewhat skeptically.
"Yeah. I know him too. He's a great guy from a great family."
"Is he cute?" I ask (the most important question, of course).
"Oh yeah! He's cute."
"Is he tall? At least as tall as me?"
"Yes, he is."
"Then yes, I'm up for a blind date."
"I'm going to hook you up, Matlock."

[insert fist bump]

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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