Pump Up the Volume

There are something like 400 songs on my iPod, and when I shuffle it during workouts, the same few inevitably pop up and get me pumped to sweat it out. While I dig the lyrical genius of several of today's hit makers, I'm ashamed to admit that I hope no one else at the gym or on the track can hear these tunes blasting through my headphones.

A few of these guilty pleasures include

"Don't Cha"
Pussy Cat Dolls

"Pretty Girl Rock"
Keri Hilson

Destiny's Child


"Can't Be Tamed"
Miley Cyrus

Like I said, guilty pleasures. They pump me up, and also make me blush at the thought of a fellow tracker or gym mate overhearing the chorus. I'm comfortable here, sharing in my safe zone among friends.... mostly. Not embarrassing enough to keep me from cranking up the volume and singing (and dancing) along, though. :)

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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