mama said there'd be days like this...

something about wearing a hoodie all day long
and opening up all the windows in the house to give the air conditioner a break
and burning spice-flavored candles
and seeing school busses everywhere
and ipod shuffle surprisingly popping out "standing outside the fire"
and the new friends i made this weekend
and all of the good memories with the old ones
and knowing classes start a week from tomorrow
and that i get to sleep in in the morning
and watching the first season of "dexter"
and chocolate cheerios

something about all those things makes you glad to be young and alive

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!

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