Last night, I slept terribly.
I hate confusion in my heart....
I know what I want and why, and that my decisions are sound.
And it hurts like the dickens to be reminded.
It brings too much to the surface and that is the first time I've cried in a while.
It was my idea to "stay in touch," but I'm dumb, so who listens to me anyway?
I'm feeling lots of emotional turmoil between boys and family and school and work.
And 3 twelve-hour-days in a week wore me out.
This is growing up, right?
I'm exhausted now, and it's not fair to get me when my defences are down.
Tomorrow, I'll be strong again.
But tonight, I'll restlessly toss and turn again. and dream of him... again. and us, again.
Break ups are for the birds. Relationships are for the birds, too.

Quickest, easiest answer: sleep.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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