It's Over... For Realz

We've said this and done this so many times now that it seems almost a part of our routine.
Things are alright for awhile, and then slowly (or quickly) they're just not.
But this time, for the first time in our entire relationship, we were on the same page.
We're holding onto this thing that maybe wasn't even that strong to start with.
Do we still like each other? Yes.
Do we still love each other? Yes.
Do we still want to sex each other? Yes.
Are we going to miss each other? Yes.
Will we both spend the next week drunk and crying? Most likely.

Doesn't change the fact that it's for the best.
We are semi-functional, semi-happy.
And both of us deserve SO much more than that.
So, we respected one another enough to allow the other a chance at that.
It kind of blows.

I know that sometimes people break up and it's like the best thing that ever happened to them. The guy beat her or she cheated or they were both tools/shallow/weird in the first place.
This isn't like that.
This is still one of the most loving things we can do, I think, to leave each other while there's still good left - to not hate each other.
It means we succeeded in a lot of ways.
And when we look back at this, hopefully it will be with fondness and pride and a soft place in our hearts.
Just because you value your time spent, doesn't mean you should keep spinning your wheels.
College is an example of this.
It sucks that you have to leave.
You have so many memories and experiences and activities and feelings tied up in this neat little package.
But when it's over... it's over.
And it's supposed to be over.
Ask any 8th year senior how riveting they still find the college life.
So, I guess you can say we graduated.

We parted ways maturely (for the first time), thinking of each other's needs (for the first time), and with a tentative hope at cordiality and (should things work out perfectly) eventually become friends.
I'm so sad to lose my first love...

....but I'm so excited to open myself up to the possibility of finding my true love, or at least my next love.
And, when I can say it honestly without wanting to throw up, I'll be excited for him to find that too.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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