Dysfunctional Relations - I blame Christina Aguilera

So, as usual, I've been thinking a lot about recent experiences in the past few days. I've come to the conclusion that none of it is my fault; I completely and whole-heartedly blame Christina Aguilera.

They say if you love something let it go
If it comes back, it's yours.
That's how you know it's for keeps, it's for sure.

Can she be just a little more precise?

You see, I loved someone and let him go... He came back. --- now it's for keeps?
Okay, so then he loved me and let me go... I came back. --- now it's for sure?
Then, I let him go again, and he came back. --- wtf?
So now, we're both letting go with no real intention of coming back( but still... you never know the future), and according Miss Pop Princess 2001, we're already supposed to be for keeps and for sure.
Can you see now why I've been so confused?
That's what you get, taking to heart the lyrics of pop ballads from your tween years -- trouble.

Long story short, as a tried-and-true American in 2011, I refuse to accept any liability for my expectations or any outcome as it's obvious I was misled during some critical brain-synapse forming years and therefore cannot, in fact, be held accountable for any of my actions in this area.

I rest my case.

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